One Church One School brings together churches and schools in partnerships that teach our children to value life and to value learning. This national network of church/school partnerships also acts as a catalyst to build bridges between other community-based organizations, social service agencies, business enterprises and schools.

One Church One School (OCOS) is built upon the foundation described by the African proverb:

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

Educating our children is a part of our village responsibility. The faith based community and school must be committed and dedicated to a single vision of shared responsibility.

Now, more than ever, we must join together to provide our children and youth with an environment which nurtures, strengthens and fortifies them for this diverse and global society.

I believe that Teaching the Value of Life and Learning to the children in the One Church One School Community Partnership Program will foster excellence in academic achievement, social behavior and personal development, now, and in the future.

OCOS is a movement that we as leaders must nurture and reinforce in a race against the evils that reach out for our children's minds and spirits. Our ancestors have left us a rich legacy. Now, it is incumbent upon us to do all that is necessary to pass the torch of excellence to our descendants, so that they may achieve their hope and dreams.

Your full participation in OCOS is essential if it is to become a viable and influential movement.

It is my hope that the faith community will be involved in a school partnership and that the OCOS web site will assist in creating long standing partnerships that will positively impact the lives of our children and youth.

Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr. Founder & National President